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But Yoda isn’t having it.
Let me ask you.
Want a few more.
Finally, All things come to those who wait is a good aphorism we’re all familiar with.
Then use it as a guideline to stay focused on your general theme.
Aphorisms are so common that we hardly think twice about them.
Now that we’ve covered the aphorism definition, are you ready for more examples.
Examples of Aphorisms for Success
If you can do something, then you need to do it for the good of others.
Let me ask you.
Oftentimes, it makes sense to delegate tasks.
Not so much.
Build a storyline around that saying.
An aphorism is a literary device that uses a short, clever saying to express a general truth.
Do you believe that a penny saved is a penny earned.
Another aphorism that’s adapted is, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

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